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Null by Fraser Parker

Null by Fraser Parker

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In Null, Fraser shares his work on the progressive anagram. However, as we have come to expect from his previous releases, this is not the standard fare or typical approach to this system. In fact, you wouldn’t even recognise the classic tool at play in these effects from the performance, unless their secrets were revealed to you fully.

This manuscript contains entirely new ideas and presentations which turn the basic concept of the anagram on its head to create a streamline and efficient way to divine information.

NO letters are spoken out loud and there is NO process of guessing the letters in their thought of word.

Fraser teaches his work on Peter Turner’s RAISE anagram for star signs, as well as provides his anagram for the planets of the solar system and includes Jose Pragner’s anagram for colours, which can be used as a base to guess other thoughts not confined by the anagramming process.

This material works with the English language.
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