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10 Types by Steve Wood

10 Types by Steve Wood

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Over the past few years, Steve Wood has carved out a reputation for high quality, original thinking within mentalism. His released material has been highly praised throughout the community and gained 5 star reviews. He is known for creating new methods and principles, and putting them together to produce devastating performance pieces.

Now for the first time, some of Steve’s unique thinking has been collected together to produce his first book of original material. We are proud to present 10 Types by Steve Wood.

Some years ago Steve became fascinated by the ideas and techniques of the underground genius that was Leo Boudreau. This led to the development of his Spanish Dictionary Book Test, which was shared with the mentalism community to great acclaim, but that was just the start…

Steve has taken that method and effect much further, adapting both and adding new ideas and methods that haven’t been seen before.

10 Types contains 5 strong, entertaining performance pieces for the working mentalist. The methods are fresh and have fooled rooms full of magicians. Included is the original Book Test and Steve’s incredible, hands off breakthrough stage envelope test:

A large bowl of envelopes is on the stage. It could be 20, 50, even 500! A spectator takes as many as they like and distributes them around the room. Participants open the envelopes. Inside each one is a red, a yellow and a blue piece of paper. They shout out what is on the red piece – all except the chosen person who silently sends it to the performer. This is repeated for the yellow and blue pieces, proving that each one is (genuinely) different. The envelopes are unmarked, everything can be examined and the performer can be stood far away, but without any further process can reveal what the chosen person is thinking.

Also included is a strong five phase Q&A style routine. Participants write the questions and seal them in envelopes. One of them collects in the envelopes and mixes them. He or she opens and reads them. Without touching them you can successfully divine who wrote what – from across the room! Then you start to divine the actual statements written, as well as identifying who thought of them – and the envelopes are not marked!

Close up routines include a pseudo psychometry test using a few ungimmicked pieces of paper and a pencil, and a hands off game of Cluedo.

This is a physical book with supporting videos and contains brand new, cutting edge mentalism using new principles.

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