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Adrien Lochon Star Sign Bundle

Adrien Lochon Star Sign Bundle

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This Bundle includes: Paz, Quiet & September. All from the brilliant mind of Adrien Lochon!

Each are different and very clever ways of looking at the Star Sign plot. If you were to buy each individually it would cost you £35, you can buy all three here at the special bundle price of £25.



Paz is from the creative minds of Adrien Lochon and Fraser Parker, and is an ingenious way of divining the star sign of a spectator whom you have only just met.

They simply tell you which areas of their life they would like you to focus on during their reading; Involving Past, Present and Future aspects of their life, specifically.

You are always able to not only give an accurate reading of the spectator, but to always end your demonstration with a perfectly clean divination of their exact star sign!

No letters or characteristics are named, and nothing is written down or physically selected.

Paz relies on a method that is 100% mechanical and surefire. It is entirely without props, and uses words within the context of giving a reading to your spectator, to make it work. It is entirely conversational in nature, which makes this perfect for performers who wish to perform in a way that will appear realistic for everyone watching.

It is ingenious in its simplicity and more importantly, it looks and feels exactly how it would if it were real.

This second edition includes a subtlety that Adrien uses to turn any zodiac divination into a full birthday reveal.



Quiet is one of the most elegant solutions to the prop-less star sign reveal ever conceived… It couldn’t be simpler.

The spectator can stay entirely silent and yet the performer is still able to effortlessly and with very little process always reveal the exact star sign of the participant.

Adrien has taken a few of the now standard ploys in the modern approach to Mentalism and created an alchemy of principles with devastating effect.

The participant goes through a brief visualization regarding their star sign and you instantly know. Nothing is written down or verbalized, yet you can always end successfully.

It is over in a few seconds allowing for you to concentrate on your presentation and give a reading if you so chose – always ready and in the perfect position to reveal the sign you obtained silently and covertly – however and whenever you want.

If you are a fan of Fraser Parker and Peter Turner’s approaches then you need this in your toolkit.



“I really like this, as I’m a fan of numerology and naturally flowing routines. The price is ridiculously fair, so every purist should pick it up!”Nico Heinrich

“September is a fine idea from Adrien, which offers a new fun mechanical method to get anyone’s star sign.” Pablo Amíra

“A squeaky clean star sign divination (which I loved to read)”Jacob Smith

Ah… Star Sign Divinations. Everyone knows there’s a ton of them, but this one is a bit different…

Adrien wanted something that was quick, that would never fail and where you didn’t have to list all the signs and their categories, like you have to do in a lot of other zodiac reveals.

September is a fun little divination: in the act of generating a random number for a numerology reading, you get all the info you need to reveal the sign. And the reveal will come out of the blue since you never mention star signs up until the end.

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