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Bedroom Light by Steve Wachner

Bedroom Light by Steve Wachner

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“I’ve seen this done first hand, as well as performed it myself, and this is so strong. It leaves the spectator with an odd sensation that you can peer into their mind and really reveal details of their house.” Craig Logan

Bedroom Light is from my first full Mentalism book titled “Edison Notes” which came out in the summer of 2017.

Bedroom Light is a presentation angle that allows you to get more out of your standard routines. With it, you’ll be able to reveal details of any room a spectator thinks of in their house. This doesn’t involve spying on your participants or psychologically forcing them to think of a room.

You can’t fail with the structure of the routine, but you’ll get a couple Outs to boost your confidence.

In this 15 page PDF you’ll receive:

– The original version of Bedroom Light from Edison Notes

– A brand-new variation that allows you to transition into the routine during a playing card reveal

– Kenton Knepper’s fantastic take on the slip card force (in my opinion, the ONLY way this force should be performed)

– My thoughts on a simple billet switch

– Access to a full performance video of Bedroom Light performed in a casual environment

I wanted to make sure that this PDF was fully self-contained. You won’t need anything else to begin performing this routine!

“Very nicely constructed and some lovely nuances. I can see why you have had such great feedback.”Steve Drury

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