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Billets for the Modern Mindreader Vol. 1-4 by Julien Losa

Billets for the Modern Mindreader Vol. 1-4 by Julien Losa

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Welcome to Billets for the Modern Mindreader - a masterclass on billet work.

Included in this download are volumes 1 - 4 of Julien's Billets for the Modern Mindreader series - a complete collection, at a reduced price than if you were to buy all four volumes separately. 

Here's what is included:


Volume 1

5 novel techniques, 4 variations. A crash course on billet reading/peeking techniques. You get a FULL peek of the billet every time!

- Umbrella Move on Steroids
- Palm Reading Peek Plot
- Hold My Wrist Peek
- Through a Glass Reading
- I Need to Focus Peek
- In Hand Focus After a Switch


Volume 2

In Volume 2, you will learn three switches and three routines for close-up, parlour and stage situations (as well as casual settings, as you will see!).

Billet Chi (Nestor Dee) - Probably the holy grail of predictions with billets.

Telepathy Plus (Theodore Annemann) - A classic revisited. A three phase mindreading routine.

S.E.E. (Julien Losa) - A quick and practical routine to get your hands used to the switches in this download.

Practical mentalism, that packs small and hits really hard!


Volume 3

In Volume 3 of his 'Billets for the Modern Mindreader' series, Julien dives deeper into his billet work, and offers you three mind blowing mentalism routines, using just a few billets and techniques.

TAROT FORTUNE - 1-on-1 or close up situation (and adaptable for walk around), this routine allows you to reveal/answer a question about your spectator's future and give a quick tarot reading.

HYPNOBILLET - This one plays in a close up situation and parlour situation (although you can easily adapt it for stage). You enter your spectator's mind while in a trance, to retrieve a secret word that's been hiding in a safe within his mind; and yes... to retrieve the word from a safe, you'll need a password, so you'll guess that too!

TRIONYM EFFECT REVISITED - From close-up situations to stage performances, this is a great one! 3 billets, 3 spectators, 3 thoughts... and you NEVER openly open/read a single billet (read that again!).

In this download Julien covers every subtlety and every technique, to allow you to learn faster and better.


Volume 4

In Volume 4 you will learn:

Zephyr by Cervier - A great impromptu which hand/liar/truth-teller routine that works 100% of the time (no logic puzzle, no tricky body-language to decipher) followed by a drawing duplication.

Dead Name Duplication by Theodore Annemann - You know about Tervil by Orville Meyer, right? This was the inspiration and it is BETTER. I give you Annemann's handling and my approach to this great, deadly, fast, telepathy demonstration.

Name & Plate - We all know about Name & Place by the great Bob Cassidy. What if you could do it COMPLETELY impromptu? And give back both billets to your spectators? I give you Name and... Plate.


“Julien’s work with billets is sensational! His techniques are beautiful, elegant and extremely deceptive. This is some of the finest billet materiel available today.”  Marc Paul

“UMOS is a beautiful and elegant billet technique. I don’t know what this will cost, but this technique is worth the admission. The different applications are mind opening (literally and figuratively). Brilliant billet work by Julien. By the way, you are a much better billet worker than I am. I love it and you will too!”  Sean Waters

“You always hear the idiom ‘There’s nothing new under the sun’… well, Julien apparently has found a new sun to be under. He has developed some great techniques with billets. And you can tell that he uses them constantly. On top of all that, he is an excellent teacher, covers all the angles, has a sense of humor and is just a great thinker. Hands down a great buy. You’ll be treated to some wonderful NEW ideas. Loved it!”  Greg Arce

“Julien has made significant advanced to billet work. This video course contains what I consider to be real breakthroughs. If you are proficient with classic peeks and switches and are looking for next level techniques, this video course has what you are looking for. Exceptionally good and highly recommended.”  Bill O’Connell

“Although I plan to only practice/use 2 of the 5 main peeks taught, I’m still extremely impressed by this download. I’m VERY much an advocate for learning from books (in most cases), but the timing and choreography required of billet work lends itself better to video instruction. It was a joy to see ALL of the moves in Julien’s (extremely capable) hands. For me, $30 is fair for two new techniques to perform direct mind reading using nothing more than paper and a pencil/pen. Congrats Julien – it’s a fantastic project!”  Drew Backenstoss

“I can confirm, it contains the best full peek done with a folded billet that I am aware of”  Nestor Dee

“Possibly the best full billet p**k I’ve come across!”  Daniel Sutton

“Those moves let you instantly access the whole content of a folded billet! They’re among the most powerful a performer can dream of, yet they are as simple and direct as can be! There’s no way to put it mildly: they are an instant classic! Pure gold!”  Cervier

"Your techniques are good and practical, well done!" - Allen Zingg

"Billets for the Modern Mindreader Vol. 3 is in the same vein as Julien's previous volumes. If they resonated with you, then you need this. Real-world material that hits. Pretty hard. Super boulot Julien..." - Phedon Bilek

"When we talk about the best billet workers in history, we usually have to base our studies on a written description of their work. Julien is the best billet worker I have seen, amongst the living as well as the dead, and we are lucky to have video records of his work to let us steal a little bit of that greatness. Tarot Fortune is the final word on reading the mind of a participant during a reading, it is that good. Deeply rooted in both older routines and newer carefully refined techniques. The lobster started as a joke. Then Julien proved it was possible. Now I am working on it because I have seen Julien turn it into some dream routines!" - Nestor DEE

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