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Billets for the Modern Mindreader Vol. 3 by Julien Losa

Billets for the Modern Mindreader Vol. 3 by Julien Losa

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In Volume 3 of his 'Billets for the Modern Mindreader' series, Julien dives deeper into his billet work, and offers you three mind blowing mentalism routines, using just a few billets and techniques.

TAROT FORTUNE - 1-on-1 or close up situation (and adaptable for walk around), this routine allows you to reveal/answer a question about your spectator's future and give a quick tarot reading.

HYPNOBILLET - This one plays in a close up situation and parlour situation (although you can easily adapt it for stage). You enter your spectator's mind while in a trance, to retrieve a secret word that's been hiding in a safe within his mind; and yes... to retrieve the word from a safe, you'll need a password, so you'll guess that too!

TRIONYM EFFECT REVISITED - From close-up situations to stage performances, this is a great one! 3 billets, 3 spectators, 3 thoughts... and you NEVER openly open/read a single billet (read that again!).

In this download Julien covers every subtlety and every technique, to allow you to learn faster and better.

"Billets for the Modern Mindreader Vol. 3 is in the same vein as Julien's previous volumes. If they resonated with you, then you need this. Real-world material that hits. Pretty hard. Super boulot Julien..." - Phedon Bilek

"When we talk about the best billet workers in history, we usually have to base our studies on a written description of their work. Julien is the best billet worker I have seen, amongst the living as well as the dead, and we are lucky to have video records of his work to let us steal a little bit of that greatness. Tarot Fortune is the final word on reading the mind of a participant during a reading, it is that good. Deeply rooted in both older routines and newer carefully refined techniques. The lobster started as a joke. Then Julien proved it was possible. Now I am working on it because I have seen Julien turn it into some dream routines!" - Nestor DEE

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