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Colour Test Cards by Steve Dela

Colour Test Cards by Steve Dela

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They are back! And this time EVEN BETTER!

Still business card sized with rounded corners but now they are 100% Plastic. The design has been modernised, we’ve added a white border and eliminated any indication as to who or where they were printed… this means you can come up with your own story as to what these are.

These are fairly inexpensive to buy for a few reasons. The main one being this does NOT come with any routines. This, much like buying a deck of cards is simply an accessory for changing up the ESP card routines that you already do. This is a set of 13 cards. Plus a card explaining the marking system.

These have been designed to look like cards that would have come from some form of testing institution. They are made to look like a modern re-print of a test originally formulated in 1987. The cards are marked in a clever and straight forward way. Easy for you to see… Hard for them to spot!

This set is perfect for use with the MD Mini as the colours used are exactly the same and the marking system uses the same number codes e.g. 1 = White etc. However there is no reason you can’t purchase this set and simply learn the ‘number to colour’ markings. There are just 6 to remember.

You will also receive a double backed card which is used in many published ESP card routines. You probably already do routines that can be achieved with this set of colour cards.

The cards are printed on 300gsm recycled plastic business card stock. We went with business cards over playing cards to add more authenticity to the prop. This is much more likely to be the way they would be printed for testing purposes. Also of course being this size (55x85mm) they can fit into your wallet as well as the supplied plastic business card case.

Also we avoided (like the plague) using a playing card back design! Instead we started from scratch with ‘what a test card would look like’

What You Receive:
2 x White Cards
2 x Blue Cards
2 x Red Cards
2 x Orange Cards
2 x Green Cards
2 x Yellow Cards
1 x Double Backed Card
1 x Marking System Card
1 x Plastic Business Card Holder.

Why Purchase These?

  • Authentic looking prop.
  • Durable.
  • Easy to read markings.
  • Perform colour readings.
  • Add an extra layer to your colour cube routines.
  • A Change From ESP Symbols.
  • Fits in your wallet.
  • Do all standard marked ESP routines that use two sets of 5 cards… but now with 12 cards.

Please note these are plastic business card stock and NOT the same casino grade stock used on the Night Flight Marked Deck. Very different but still absolutely awesome!

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