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Counter Intelligence by Steve Wood

Counter Intelligence by Steve Wood

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How cool would it be to be a super spy? Travel the world, stop the bad guy, save the planet and still meet the girl (or guy) before the bomb goes off. All in a day’s work.

The performer sets the scene by talking about the skill set required to be a super spy, and then puts a participant to the test in the ultimate assessment of their cunning and intuition. The participant is given a series of 50 / 50 choices, based around the story of a spy mission. Each time, the performer writes one of those choices on a card. This can be placed on the table, on your hand, on the spectator’s hand or even held up in full view between two fingers at the corner of the card. The participant makes their choice AFTER the card has been written and placed down, and each time the card is IMMEDIATELY turned over (and always before the next choice is given) and the participant is correct. Every time.

After this has happened 6 or 7 times, a card that has been on the table in view the whole time is turned over and the spectator is also shown to have correctly divined a secret code word that you wrote down before the routine even started. This can be completely different every time. The participant does it without any clues and they will have no idea how they were able to intuit which word it is.

What makes Counter Intelligence different?

There are 7 hits in around 3 minutes (I can’t think of another mentalism routine that does that – but I’m sure that will open the floodgates for others to point out routines that are not on my radar!) and it leads to a very strong kicker finish.
It’s designed for strolling and instantly resets, ready to go again at the next table.

Each reveal is shown immediately after the choice has been made.The participant and the performer can both turn the cards over. That can be done in a very open, slow and super clean way.

The participant is as fooled as the audience – they have exactly the same experience and the participant is not in on the secret in any way.

Everything happens in real time and the routine is entirely self-contained. There is no preshow or other additional setup required.

The outcome for each choice can be different at each table.


And here are some lovely words from some happy people who have already picked up a copy. I’m very grateful to each of them for taking the time to share their thoughts, and so proud that they liked it.

“Steve fried my brains with this devious idea. &@#’!!! This is absolutely brilliant. He performed this on me yesterday and he offered me one of those rare moments I truly miss sometimes: being a lay person again. I loved it. It is truly amazing.”Phedon Bilek

“It’s a fantastic effect. Very quick, very punchy. A lot of reveals happen in such a short space of time and I can’t recommend it highly enough. You need to purchase it now!”Michael Murray

“The amount of work Steve puts into his tricks is always amazing. Not only is it a clever, multi-layered effect, but he has actually created new principles for it to work so well. I’ve seen so many people fooled by it this weekend. Well done again Steve. It’s a great trick.”Steve Haresign

“It plays exactly as Steve describes and it’s a great routine. It absolutely blew me away. What a fantastic effect. Every prediction in advance, with no ambiguity, and the final kicker with the word that I thought of. Absolutely brilliant. I can’t recommend it more highly.”Mark Chandaue

“I am so happy for you Steve Wood! You have created a surefire worker with this one. I am so excited to start performing this ingenious routine brother. Keep up the great work.”Jason Smith

“When I saw Steve perform this at the MIND6 convention, I initially thought he was getting lucky with each choice made but I was wrong and Steve was in control the entire time. It was absolutely fantastic. The script and the way it builds is wonderful. So many revelations and I thought the ending was superb. I absolutely love the thinking behind this. Outstanding stuff!”Darren Woolf

“It’s mindblowing, it’s direct. Top notch. He’s come from Lost for Words and he’s elevated it even further. It’s brilliant – I hate him!”Mick Wilson

“It’s incredibly engaging. The prediction is out in the open every single time. I highly recommend it. It’s very clever and congratulations Steve. It’s really great!”Christian Grace

“If you don’t own it yet, seriously get I and put it in your repertoire. It has 7 direct hits and the method is just brilliant. It’s a new method and Steve is a creative genius!”Jay Adkins

“I was completely blown away. He’s been teasing it to me for nearly a year now and it was well worth the wait. Every reveal solid and the kicker ending – I love him and I hate him! He just completely fried me.“Aidan O’Sullivan

“It’s absolutely brilliant. It’s a multi=phase routine with loads of hits and an absolutely killer ending.”Joel Clyne

“CI is fantastic! I am super excited to perform this. The story is very different from other routines and enables you to take the spectator on an adventure that in the end (when the kicker is revealed) is going to blow them away! There is one principle that is definitely new and it’s killer! This principle is used to make the ending possible and I must say, what an awesome ending! I took a chance on purchasing this release. I am so glad I took the chance and I will definitely be looking a lot closer at Steve’s material in the future.”RNK (Magic Café review)

“The method is genius and had me smiling from ear to ear. Note: this will only work in English. Steve is a brilliant thinker and he really takes the time to work and hone his routines. In this routine you get hit after hit then bam, kicker finale. Seems like a worker, especially table hopping. If you enjoyed Lost for Words, this is better and the method is genius.”Alex Alejandro /BMW Guy (Magic Café review)

“Totally floored me. It’s a really great effect and I would recommend it to all.”Ian ‘Rasp’ Cheetham

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