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Devil's Triangle - Vol. 5 Reese Goodley Series

Devil's Triangle - Vol. 5 Reese Goodley Series

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Mentalist Reese Goodley has fast become a consistent creator over the last few months treating the mentalism world to some of his best kept secrets which are always simple and yet powerful.

Volume 5 in his series is no different. Welcome to Devils Triangle.

With Devils Triangle you appear to predict a freely selected word (made up on the spot) and prove you predicted it in advance by showing its printed and circled inside a week old newspaper.

It plays out like this –

Three participants are asked to name any word (it’s a COMPLETELY free choice and then of the three words they are asked to choose one of the words, keep in mind the moment they make their selection they are holding an envelope containing your prediction. The prediction is opened and then the prediction is openly shown printed and circled in a newspaper.

Bonus effect: Forget me not

2 participants call out random numbers creating a long sequence of numbers, you then are able to recall the sequence of numbers 100% every time. The sequence can be as long or as short as you wish and you can use this effect to even divine a pin code that is made up at random.

As with all of Reese’s material, this is simple to perform and in the grasps of anyone at any skill level. Its hard hitting powerful Mentalism that will no doubt inspire you to get out there and slay people with your new skills!

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