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DMC Elites: Marked Deck (Rouge)

DMC Elites: Marked Deck (Rouge)

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This deck features the fourth generation of the unique Optical Marking system, a powerful marking system designed specifically for the use of close up and cabaret performers (as opposed to the gambling origin of many systems). With an ingeniously hidden marking mechanic that is readable at great range, in poor light and with extreme speed, the system has been significantly refined over the last few years of development since it was first created. Each deck also now comes with a pictorial instruction card that explains the markings visually, without words, for international use – a significant design challenge in itself.

The system hides the value and suit of the playing card in plain sight, with no decoding necessary, no mental working out to do to process some binary signal – it literally just says the value and the suit, clearly and visibly, with an incredible range on it. All this incredible clarity and you can still comfortably hand the deck to a layman safe in the knowledge that even if they search for marks, they will still not find them. The DMC ELITES are the only deck on the market now with this unique system.

The deck has standard faces, a request previous generations with custom faces has occasionally drawn, and the finish is a completely new cardistry grade stock and finish: We intended the deck to be usable for all kinds of mystery performer and for this we needed a very special material. We consulted closely with Belgium’s Cartamundi, the world’s largest printer of playing cards, and they revealed to us their revolutionary No. 9 finish, developed in their material laboratory for their definitive cardistry deck, the Cardistry Touch deck. Every feature of the stock and finish has been carefully engineered, even down to the differential finish, which differs on the face and the back of every card. The cards are smooth to handle, precisely cut and have a deep tactile quality that allows easy precise control of the deck.

Everything about the deck has been crafted to make them super useable, from the sturdy minimalist box down to the deep red back colour to the card reveal hidden on the two custom Jokers. The DMC ELITES – the greatest marked deck in a generation and possibly the most useable deck for card mentalism available today.

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