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Dopamine by Nico Heinrich

Dopamine by Nico Heinrich

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His debut PURE MENTALISM was a huge success. In this book, Nico Heinrich shares some more ideas and concepts along the same lines – again, you won’t need any gimmicks or crazy preparation. This is clean, straight forward, skill-based mentalism that you can perform impromptu under almost any circumstances. If you liked PM you are in for a treat.

“Love the new book”Jerome Finley about DOPAMINE


ENTRANCE is a hands-off induction, which happens without any pre-talk. You can even use this to find suggestible subjects in the audience.

IMPERCEPTIBLE COIN RUSE gives you the power to make limbs feel numb, to make fears disappear and to hypnotize the whole audience – with just a normal coin. You can use this as a set-piece for actual hypnosis or as a stand alone effect.

PURE NUMEROLOGY is impromptu mentalism at its best. Using this concept, you are able to answer merely thought of questions with accuracy – every single time. You may perform this for one person or to your whole audience, making this an impromptu Q&A act. You don’t need envelopes, pens or billets – just their smartphone, which you don’t even need to touch or look at. Very flexible and customizable method.

INSTANT ORACLE uses just a business or file card and a pen. After they have settled on a question of concern, the card is torn into pieces and used as an oracle. Without you seeing, they take some pieces in each hand and concentrate. You are then able to tell them exactly how many pieces are in each hand – and by interpreting those numbers, you accurately answer their thought of question. This concept can be used with star signs and names as well. If you have struggled to find a convincing presentation/justification for the CT, don’t look any further – this is it.

AWARENESS is a beautiful finale to any hypnosis routine. It’s not a trick, but a very strong presentation, which will leave your participant with an amazing feeling.

EZ BILLET OPENER is a mind reading routine, which is funny, super easy to do and perfect for stage performances.

INVISIBLE PARADISE is a test conditions card prediction, that you can perform any time, anywhere, with any deck.

MINIMALIST DD is an impromptu drawing duplication, using only one business card and something to write with – nothing else. Different variations included, from “insanely bold” to “super easy”. You will use this a lot!

SINGLE DIGIT DIVINATION is – as the title suggests – a more or less straightforward divination of a single digit. It isn’t strong enough to stand alone – but it’s a nice building block or prelude to something bigger.

HBT SUBTLETY will be your new favorite page force. It is basically a more deceptive variation on the old Hoy Book Test. Phedon Bilek about this subtlety: “You’ve just modified the way I’ll perform my all-time favorite book test.”

If you are a mentalist, this book will probably make you happy.

104 pages, illustrated

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