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Freeform Mentalism by Peter Turner

Freeform Mentalism by Peter Turner

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Mentalism can be life-changing, Peter Turner proves it every day. And today, he’s going to teach YOU how he does it.

Mesmerize. Captivate. Entrance. With nothing but your words.

The future of mentalism is here.

“The trick Peter Turner has pulled off is making magicians believe his miracles have no method. He makes us believe he truly has supernatural powers… at least that’s what I thought when I first met him. His magic is hard enough just to BELIEVE, let alone explain.

And I’m not alone. Legendary entertainers like Uri Geller and Kenton Knepper have been fascinated with how innovative Peter’s modern approach is.”

“There is no doubt in my mind that he will fascinate you”Uri Geller

“One of the most natural, realistic mentalists of our time, that I’m proud to call my student.”Kenton Knepper

Drawing equally from mentalism and psychology, Peter spins together routines that delight as much as they frustrate.

From guessing the exact date of someones birth, to the location of an imaginary object, you will know things that have never even been spoken.

Routines Included:

Wish You Were Here – After having your spectator merely IMAGINE a destination in the world, you read their thoughts.

Which Hand – The oldest game of chance in the world, played with an imaginary coin. Not only do you know which hand is hiding the imaginary coin, but the date on it.

Lie To Me – Become a human lie detector.

Rain Man – Using a borrowed phone book you demonstrate your super human memory.

A Gift From Me To You – Transfer your powers to a spectator and show them what it feels like to be a mind reader.

Trust Your Instincts – Peter’s BRILLIANT approach to Any Card At Any Number.

IPI – A practical way to put a spectator under a trance.

Mind Plant – One spectator reads another spectator’s mind on stage.

Isabella’s Star – Correctly divine a spectators birth date in the most direct way. It looks so real it’s scary.

Peter also shares invaluable performance tips, and his work with progressive anagrams and so much more.

Running time: 3 hours

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