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Invisible Paradise by Nico Heinrich

Invisible Paradise by Nico Heinrich

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This is an impromptu card prediction, performed under test conditions, which is just perfect for walk-around. There are two variations included – one is 100% impromptu and the other one is 100% hands-off.

Before you even take out any cards, you ask them to throw two imaginary dice and to secretly remember the total (which you really don’t know). They shuffle the deck, cut it into three piles, shuffle even more, count to a card, using their secret number – and that very card is exactly the one you predicted beforehand. While the whole procedure looks and feels random and totally fair, you retail full control over their selection.

– No duplicate cards!
– Nothing is added or taken away!
– No sleight of hand!
– No pocket-writing!
– No multiple outs!
– No set-up!

It works with any deck, even tarot cards, ESP cards or an incomplete deck.

Please note: this routine is also available in Nico Heinrich’s Dopamine release. This version has one more application.

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