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Isabella's Star 3 by Peter Turner

Isabella's Star 3 by Peter Turner

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From the creator of Isabella's Star 3 - Peter Turner:

"Combining new principles that are available today (that weren’t available when I first started my journey into star sign/date of birth divination) mixed with old principles, I am happy to say I can finally close the door on something that has been an obsession of mine for too long.

This is it, the last one in the “Isabella’s Star” series. I won’t be re-visiting the D.O.B divination premise again as I’m so happy with this, it makes me smile just thinking about it.

No more maths/calculations, no more astrological numbers, no cribs, the participant never writes anything down (this is entirely prop-less), quick to perform, rock solid in terms of method and very little procedure.

The effect runs as thus

The performer asks his/her participant to imagine their date of birth written in the air. The performer then directs the participant to think of an imaginary name and imagine that their date of birth belongs to that imaginary person.

The performer explains that by imagining the date of birth objectively as though it belonged to somebody else makes it possible to divine. To prove his/ her point the performer looks at the participant and starts by revealing their star sign.

The performer then moves onto revealing the name that the participant merely thought of and finishes by revealing the date of birth!

For followers of some of my previous works you will know some of the methods in here – I want to be really honest and up front, it’s how these methods work together that bring them into a brand new light.


English language only – if you are interested in takeaway mentalism then avoid this. For those willing to put in a little amount of work (nothing too pressing) you will literally be able to go out and do what you claim to do for real!"

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