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Journey by Jes Hansen

Journey by Jes Hansen

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“I’ve read over your “JOURNEY” routine and layout a few times, it’s very good and totally workable!”Jerome Finley

THE JOURNEY offers a psychologically sound script for the closest thing to real mind-reading in years. This one is a keeper!”Lee Earle

“I really like the simplicity of this beautiful piece of theatrical mind reading – this is going straight into my repertoire!”Nico Heinrich

THE JOURNEY comes directly from my personal performance repertoire and is a staple stone of every show I perform. With this routine you are able to describe a landscape an audience member is merely thinking of in minute detail. Nothing is ever written down or spoken out loud during the whole revelation process. You just know! The best thing is this method makes no use of dual-reality, stooges, instant stooges or any form of pre-show work and is 100% reliable. You are always able to describe the landscape in the same detail including sounds, smells, objects and even feelings and memories. I played this to 1-200 people and it works really for any groups size.

You not only receive the method to perform this feat but my original scripting making this far more than just a reveal but a theatrical performance piece. Also included are my original stage directions to make it even stronger!

What you receive…
A 28 page PDF with 6000 words describing the routine. Included is my full performance script as well as the stage directions used in my own performance, two alternate methods and a FAQ-Section answering the most common questions about the routine and its uses!

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