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Leviathan by Francis Girola

Leviathan by Francis Girola

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Picture this:

• A spectator is asked to come up with a random word on the spot. No pre-show, nothing is written down. And yet that word can either be revealed instantly or even predicted in advance.

• Through a game of word association, several members of the audience constitute a chain of thought. Without asking any questions whatsoever, you are free to reveal each and every word thought of by the participants. Alternately, the final word can also be predicted.

• Upon learning that you are a “mind reader”, somebody challenges you by saying: “Alright, then! What am I thinking about right now?” With Leviathan, you are immediately able to demonstrate feats of both telepathy and precognition in an impromptu situation. In other words, not only can you accurately read minds, you can also predict the outcome of a random thought process.

• My version of the A.A.A. Book Test: a spectator selects a book from their own library, opens to a page and focuses on a word. Then, that person is asked to make up a completely different word in their mind through a random thought process. You are able to reveal both words. Yet, once again, the last selection can even be predicted.

More than a collection of effects, Leviathan is a propless system that enables you to lead your spectators down a specific train of thought. In a nutshell, you embark your volunteers through a process of word association that occurs purely in their mind, which may appear completely fair and arbitrary, and yet you remain in complete control throughout. As a result, you are always free to use this principle as a way to either gain information or force a particular outcome that you have already predicted.

Equally, you also have the ability to jazz with the system as much as you want. Although I have provided you with several ideas of routines, you can always incorporate Leviathan into the effects you already have in your own repertoire, such as book tests, name or star sign revelations. Therefore, it is a very versatile and easy-to-learn principle that you can use from professional performance settings to completely impromptu situations.

Please bear in mind that this manuscript essentially caters to experienced mentalists who already have several ways of obtaining a secret piece of information in the first place.


“I met Francis at the Session 2018 in London. And I almost let his calm personality and demeanour fool me. His solid intellectual background, analytical thinking and rigorous methodology, along with the love he has for our art, make him an amazing creator. After frying everybody with his devious IceBreaker I knew who I was dealing with (Michael Weber seems to think alike, by the way). We shared many thoughts and views, and I am genuinely happy to call him a friend now.

The thought he put into LEVIATHAN is no exception. If you have a way of secretly obtaining ANY piece of information -a word– , then you need no more to make your audience truly believe you read minds. Personally, when I see other mentalists simply reveal a word or name they secretly obtained I just cringe. Leviathan will enable you to use that word to start a series of impossible revelations and even have -I loved this- a PREDICTION that they could have been holding even BEFORE the starting word -or name- was even referred to! Simply put: you could give them a prediction to hold BEFORE you even tell them to think of a name or word. And what is predicted is the outcome of a whole series of unrelated thoughts they’re about to have. And the best part is that there’s no real hard work to be put into this. No, really. That’s bad news for me, as I know that harder stuff keep it away from most guys out there. That will be my only negative
point. Too easy.

To sum it up: If simply revealing a thought-of word is a crime, then Leviathan is a simple yet very powerful cure. Highly recommended. Beau travail Francis. Et merci.”

– Phedon Bilek (Creator of “Proteus”)

“This is – if you’ll excuse the expletives – f***ing brilliant! This is how I’m revealing words from now on.

Get this. I don’t remember the last time I read something that got me so genuinely excited to reveal a word!

It’s excellent. It’s something you can attach to the back end of any routine you do that will elevate it so, so much. Even the simplest routine is made something incredible with this system.

It’s easy to learn too. Of course as with any propless system, there is something to learn, but no one should be concerned by worries of massive memory demands. This is way, way easier than any anagram or mental calculation method I’ve ever read.

And the Challenge routine might just be the de facto way of dealing with “go on, read my mind then.” Brilliant stuff.”

– Simon Caine

“What a great read it was the best £18 I have spent this year! Nice work Francis Girola. Anyone on the fence, I highly recommend picking this up, it’s a steal.”

– Steve Palmer

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