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Lost for Words by Steve Wood

Lost for Words by Steve Wood

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Possibly the cleanest word prediction effect ever created!

‘Lost for Words’ was officially released at the MIND5 conference and generated an amazing response from all who witnessed it in action.

“It blew my mind. So fair in every aspect. Perhaps the best word prediction I’ve ever seen. I have no clue how he did it, but I can’t wait to get it in the mail to learn and perform. It is INCREDIBLY clean and fair.”Madison Hagler


‘Lost for Words’ is a super-clean word prediction that uses a utility principle that is being released to the mentalism and magic community for the first time. Included is a bonus application to Banachek’s Brain Game. This is a physical product that includes everything that you need to perform it, and comes with custom gimmicks and a 32 page printed book that explains everything in detail.

  • Comes complete with all props required
  • Clear and detailed instruction
  • One time set-up (instantly resets during performance
  • Can be performed with your own business cards
  • Complete justification for the use of the cards is explained
  • Outcome is 100% every time
  • Uses a brand new principle never seen in mentalism


A prediction set of cards (housed within a simple black‘sleeve’ so that the top and bottom of the cards remain in view throughout) is placed on the table for everyone to see.

A stack of over 50 business cards with different words written on each one is shown. The participant cuts to a random starting point and 16 cards are counted out from that point. Each card is clearly shown to verify that every word is different. The spectator can even swap in some of their own words! The cards are fully examinable.

The performer doesn’t touch them again. The participant holds them in their hands and freely thinks of a number from 1 to 16 (no force). He counts down to that number to arrive at a word. He checks that the other words are all different.

The prediction set of cards (which has been on the table from the start) is removed from the sleeve and dealt out in a row. Printed on each one is a letter. Together they spell the chosen word. They are also numbered in order from 1 to prove that the order hasn’t been changed.

It’s as clean as the description. There are no suspicious (or otherwise!) mathematical procedures. They name a number, they count to the card and the word matches every time! The words are different and there are no anagrams involved at all. Instantly resets! A worker’s dream!

Note: Although this product is designed for an English speaking audience it may be adapted to work in other languages with a little thought.

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