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Midnight Side of the Mind by Paul Voodini

Midnight Side of the Mind by Paul Voodini

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“It’s my belief that Paul Voodini from the UK is the acting ring-leader and current champion when it comes to the new genre and generation of mentalism.” Jerome Finley

Midnight Side of the Mind is Paul Voodini’s most ambitious and far-reaching book thus far. Encompassing past life regressions, remote viewing, psychometry, and the enigmatic routine called “Kiss of the Clairvoyant”, Midnight Side of the Mind has variously been described as “revolutionary” (Jerome Finley), “nuclear powered” (Jerome Finley), “hard-hitting” (Dr. Todd Landman), and “one of the best books on mystery entertainment” (Roni Shachnaey).

Midnight Side of the Mind takes the reader on a journey through the various worlds of remote viewing, past life regression, and clairvoyance, and teaches the reader how to utilise these phenomenons for the purpose of magical entertainment. Mystery entertainment that resonates on an emotional level and leaves audiences enthralled and mesmerised.

All of the routines are explained in full detail leaving the reader informed and fully equipped to utilise the amazing information contained within the pages of this ebook. After reading this book you will know how to run a remote viewing session, how to transport a spectator back to a previous incarnation, and how to allow a volunteer to actually see and interact with the spirit realm. You will also be able to introduce an audience to their spirit guides! And all with the purpose of entertaining and amazing your audience!

This book is priced to deter the casual observer. The information contained within is aimed at the serious student and the performer. It is not suitable for those wanting a “quick fix” and the next big thing. Reading and study will be required, but the rewards are enormous.

“Enrique Enriquez brought us Acts of Imagination, Banachek brought us Psychological Subtleties, Tomo brought us Naked Mentalism, and now Paul Voodini brings us Midnight Side of the Mind.”Dr. Todd Landman, co-founder of Psycrets, the British Society of Mystery Entertainers.

“This book is unique. The powers within it are unbelievable and if you seriously study it, it will transform you from a ‘mentalist’ to a ‘miracle worker’.”Roni Shachnaey

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