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Minimalist Mentalism Bundle

Minimalist Mentalism Bundle

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This Bundle includes: Pure Mentalism, The Psychic Pickpocket & Physical Emotions. All from the brilliant mind of Nico Heinrich!

Nico’s works are renowned for be some of the purest and most direct on the Market. If you were to buy each individually it would cost you £85, you can buy all three here at the special bundle price of £65.



“Time and time again, Nico and the groundbreaking new material which he has lovingly crafted and skillfully presented to me in return turned out just as beautiful, empowering and impressive. Mr. Heinrich has proven himself, his talents and his credentials as one of mentalism’s new rising stars; I’ve found him to be a gifted artist, unique and original creator and one of the top performers in the new genre of minimalist mind reading and propless or near-propless mentalism.”Jerome Finley

“I have known Nico for more than ten years and everything he has ever invented is treasure for both mentalists and hypnotists. I’m a fan and I am proud to have had a chance at using his stuff during real life performances.”Rainer Mees


This is Pure Mentalism. No complicated setups, no gimmicks. However, this is advanced stuff. If you don’t know how to handle your audience – this is not for you. If you have never read Corinda’s 13 Steps to Mentalism nor Annemann’s Practical Mental Effects – this is not for you. Otherwise, you don’t want to miss this!



– NUMBER STEAL MIND READING is just fun to perform. It’s a flirty framework for any mind reading demo. Furthermore, it is an extremely elegant way of getting someone’s phone number.

– FORGOTTEN IMPRESSIONS is the boldest peek out there. You can use it with zodiac signs, numbers, dates, colors – virtually anything. What makes this concept unique though is: Later on they won’t even remember that they wrote something.

– 1000$ NAME GUESS is not only billet-less but extremely deceptive and almost impossible to backtrack. Nothing is written down, there are no gimmicks, very little fishing, and a straight forward presentation: They only think of someone that is important to them, you name two or three letters and then the whole name – that’s it! I have to say the method is not 100% but will work most of the time.

– PURE CARD READING is a really good method to know what playing card someone is thinking of. No real deck involved. Nothing written down. No psychological forces. This is 100% propless and impromptu.

– THOUGHT SHARING is an essay about an old magician’s gag that we can utilize to create the illusion of sharing a thought. Must read for every mind reader.

– UNIVERSAL ANYTHING is a very versatile and useful technique to describe a thought you don’t know anything about. Every purist has to know this method.

– UA BOOK TEST is an example of what you can do with the UNIVERSAL ANYTHING technique. Someone freely selects a thought from a borrowed book. They can even change their mind – no force! You describe that thought and also tell them what word they were thinking of before that. Impromptu.

– COCAINE is the greatest propless mind reading concept I have created so far and is worth at least twice the money you have paid for this book. If someone comes up to me and asks: “Can you read my mind?” – this is the answer. They think of anything at all (no limitations) and the performer is able to describe their thoughts. That’s it. There is no set up, no confederates, nothing to memorize, no anagrams, no psychological forces – nothing. I have performed this hundreds of times over the past seven years. I’ve done it in one-on-one-settings, for small groups, on stage, even over the phone. You will either hate or love this – there is no in between.



– BLUFF READINGS is an easy presentational framework for psychometry routines that makes the reading part a child’s play.

– PHYSICAL EMOTIONS II is a reversed which hand effect with two emotions. Finally, you reveal what they were thinking of. All you need is two business cards and a pen. It’s 100% impromptu.

– BOLD PSYCHOMETRY is so damn clean and fooling, that I can imagine “real” psychics doing it. You ask them to think of a positive and then three negative character traits. They are written on business cards, which are mixed and placed on the table. You never see the writing – yet you are able to locate and reveal the positive character trait without touching the cards. It is not what you expect. This looks and feels real. Again 100% impromptu.

– STAR SIGN PSYCHOMETRY uses four of your business cards and a pen. This sneaky variation of BOLD PSYCHOMETRY enables you to reveal their month of birth and their star sign with ease.



– SUBLIMINAL OPENER is a quick and clean mind control effect that uses three objects. Nothing earth shattering, but a nice opener with some very clever subtleties.

– HEAD TAP INDUCTION is a very elegant and practical way to induce hypnosis, using only one finger.

– THE ROTARY KNOB is an invisible tool for changing the intensity of the rain, the size of someone’s pupil, the temperature of an object – and much, much more. Pure, imaginative mentalism at its best.

– INTENSE REALITY is mere suggestion at its finest. You ask them to close their eyes for a second – and the next moment they are experiencing reality about 50% stronger. This is one of the most reliable suggestion-based effects I know and there are some pretty nice applications for it.

– ERASING A FEAR is a technique to A) create the illusion of being able to make fears disappear and B) actually lighten someone’s fear.

– SUGGESTIVE READINGS actually enables you to change people’s behavior and soften their skepticism towards your performance. This is pure psychological manipulation.



– MOMENTALISM is a short essay on the use of the “magic moment” in mentalism.

– “I CAN’T READ YOU!” is an interesting approach, that will leave a long lasting impression on a stranger – without you having to perform anything!

– ESPRESSO uses only five business cards and a pen. They very fairly choose one of the cards and then a number from one to five. When the chosen card is turned over, their chosen number is written on its back. You turn over the remaining cards and they are – blank. Super easy to do and a nice way to hand out your business card. This can be performed with one or even two participants.



Stories with predictable endings are pretty boring, right?

Now, most mind reading effects are just like that. They think of something and the performer reveals it. The audience expects him to succeed as he calls himself a mind reader – so, there are no real surprises in the performance. You might argue that the audience can’t be 100% sure if the experiment would work or not – true, but the finale still isn’t surprising.

The Psychic Pickpocket offers a great solution. You will learn how to make ANY mind reading (that being a book test, peek, CT, progressive anagram etc.) more interesting and surprising. Additionally, this is the perfect framework for you to practice actual reading techniques without fear.

Note: This doesn’t involve actual pickpocketing, we only use it as a metaphor.



Most of all mentalism is about the skills of the performer. It is about HIM being able to read thoughts, predict the future or bend metal with his mind. PHYSICAL EMOTIONS on the other hand is about THEM. It is about THEIR emotions, THEIR sensations, THEIRexperience.

Imagine transferring emotions into billets and having them experience their own feelings in a very different, oddly physical way. Demonstrate how they can influence the participant’s perception and body movements. Yes, their arms will automatically move accordingly to certain emotions – and they won’t know how. Finally, test their intuition and leave them with a powerful gift.

You will need nothing but two billets and the secret techniques explained in this book. It is completely impromptu, pure in its method (using some classic methods, beautifully combined with real suggestion) and works with 100% accuracy, anytime, anywhere.

Nico has refined this routine for over eight years now and still uses it on a regular basis. He will share all the small details and subtleties that make this thing so great. There are few effects out there, that are as emotionally affecting as this one. Your participants will unevitably smile at the end of it – sometimes they will even cry for joy. They will be astounded as well (as with most mentalism effects) – but primarily they will feel amazing. With that in mind, remember how the American poet Maya Angelou phrased it:

“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

If you like emotionally touching and puristic mentalism, you should definitely check this out.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT the same as the effect from PURE MENTALISM. This is actually the original and this is the first ever English release of this routine!


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