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Night Flight Deck (Red Elite Edition V.3) by Steve Dela

Night Flight Deck (Red Elite Edition V.3) by Steve Dela

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The Night Flight Deck is back and this time with some awesome improvements and features!



So what’s new?…

  • Italian playing card stock - Black core.
  • Soft card stock - Super flexible and perfect for table shuffles, springs, pressure fans, faro’s etc.
  • New silk varnish - These glide beautifully.
  • Brand new MODERN faces. - Bold and awesome to use on stage!
  • Card reveals built in - Joker reveals 3 of Diamonds, Ace of Spades reveals Queen of Hearts, Queen of Spades reveals Ace of Hearts, Box Reveals 2 of Diamonds & 10 of Spades.
  • New MODERN Jokers.
  • New MODERN Ace of Spades.
  • One Joker has a specially marked back so that you know which has the reveal.
  • 10 of Spades has no border - Use as a key card in a spread or quickly locate it ready for the box reveal.
  • Extra 10 of Spades. Regular border, for those who don't want to use the key card.
  • Red / Black marking is now BOLDER.
  • Magic Square barcode is now BIGGER.

We still have all the great features that you love from the original release...

  • The easiest to read marked deck.
  • Subtle “One Way” back design.
  • Double backer included!
  • Generic looking box.
  • No Night Flight name on the box or Ace of Spades.
  • 2 Jokers. One with small reveal.
  • Strong matte laminated tuck box.
  • Large Aces.
  • Better mark for 10’s (since blue PVC).
  • Magic Square barcode.
  • 1089 reveal.
  • Red backs.
  • Luxury card stock & finish.


This really can be your throw away deck.

Using a marked deck for all of your existing routines can really make an amazing difference to your performance. Always knowing the card selected has many advantages. Never worry about losing that little finger break again!

This amazing deck has been designed by Steve Dela and illustrated by Ade Gower (Monster Creations) from the ground up. They have NOT simply designed a card and added the marks over the top as an ‘after-thought’, as seen with the majority of marked cards.

The great thing about designing the backs this way is that the marks are BIG and yet SO well disguised! Once you know where to look they are REALLY quick to read. Don’t believe us? See for yourself in the photos.

Marked in just two corners, not all 4 (top left & bottom right) this means you can spread the cards and hide the marks if you wanted to.

The cards are also a ‘One Way’ design... take a look at the centre star.

As if that isn’t enough!

There are specific markings to indicate in a split second as to whether the card is Red or Black.

See the spider webs? The Black cards are ‘filled in’ white in the centre and the Red cards ‘filled it’ red! Subtle, yet obvious when you know.


“The cards are beautiful, they handle superbly and the printing on them is first class!!! Dela’s cards are DELightfully printed and will last for a DELightfully long time too. What’s not to love!” - Michael Murray


"Steve Dela has produced a beautiful deck of marked cards, which should be in the pocket of every discerning mentalist and magician. This deck has everything you could possibly want in a marked deck. Big and easily readable marks, yet so subtly disguised. They even tell you which cards are red and which are black, and have a really neat one-way feature. Don't think about buying this deck... JUST BUY IT!! Highly recommended." - Steve Cook


"The best deck of its kind. Aside from the top-quality cards, its main "use" is beautifully crafted. In fact, it's the ONLY one I've seen that is easy to see (for the performer) but not easy (at all) to see from the audience perspective. In other words, it's excellent...and I highly recommend it. They won't be around forever so get your deck ASAP.”Paul Gordon MIMC


“I’ve always struggled with marking systems but this one just takes the biscuit it’s so easy. Given that, I was worried they may be seen so tested on my magician friends last night, who know all about these things. Not a single one could spot them! So much you can do with these!” - Steve Rowe

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