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Opsis by Craig Logan

Opsis by Craig Logan

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Breathing new life into classic methods, Craig’s debut work focuses on turning mere spectator’s into active participants. By creating engaging presentations, the participants don’t simply witness something incredible, they are a part of it. Contained in this book are some of Craig’s musings on the art of mentalism as well as a couple of highly interactive routines.

Opsis – an essay bearing the book’s namesake, Craig brings concepts of theater and storytelling into the realm of close up mentalism with tips on how to make presentations more memorable, as well as how to make the audience care about what you’re doing.

Hearsay – A frighteningly simple liar/truth teller that will get your audience talking (in a good way). You’re always able to determine who is lying. This is a perfect opener!

Radio Radio – In an experiment of “second sound,” you are able to hear what a participant hears in their mind. You are then able to reveal their thought of song. You will love the subtle touches that make this a believable demonstration.

“This really is a great collection. These are not ideas for the book shelf officianado. The routines and thoughts in this book are things that every mentalist should be utilizing. Inside Opsis are routines that directly aid in audience interaction, which is the most crucial element of our performances.”Steve Wachner

“Radio Radio is a beautiful routine that is simple yet elegant. It is precisely a piece that would be performed on the red brick road that leads to the Garden of the Strange.”Reza

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