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Orion by Phedon Bilek (Silver Edition)

Orion by Phedon Bilek (Silver Edition)

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This special two-volume set is destined to be one of the greatest mentalism releases in the last decade.

The Orion project contains over 600 pages of extraordinary, elegant mentalism divided into two individual volumes: The Hunter (Volume 1) and The Pleiades (Volume 2), each book providing a lifetimes worth of learning within its covers. The fundamental concepts alone are the work of genius and easy to grasp within moments of reading them.

Imagine being able to perform in any situation and with no props at all, not even slips of paper, just your mind and your audience’s mind. In this book, Phedon will teach you how to perform in this way. You will give your audience the ability to think of literally anything and then reveal their thoughts in a very entertaining way. Your audience will have no choice but to believe that you are reading their minds because in a very real sense you are reading their minds!

Now imagine that you are doing this without using any guesswork, no pre-show, no cold reading, no contact mind reading, no hypnosis, no suggestion; just a perfectly thought out process that you can easily learn and present. Phedon details many routines with complete scripts so that you, the reader, can learn how to perform these miracles with ease. Phedon unveils his groundbreaking methods for taking/harvesting the absolute bare minimum of information and spinning it into a revelation that rivals the finest presentations. What Phedon extracts from a name or a word is above and beyond anything that you will have seen before.

Throughout the course of teaching truly innovative, powerhouse routines, Phedon reveals the set of tools he has crafted to achieve his singular vision of how mentalism should be performed and experienced. Once learned, these tools, wildly creative yet relatively simple in application, will serve as an invaluable resource that will set your work apart. The “modular” quality of the methods offer you the ability to mix and match techniques and is certain to inspire and stimulate your own creativity.

There are more than 20 performance-ready pieces, over 100 subtleties and more than a dozen new methods presented in these invaluable texts. This is real-world material that you’ll find yourself revisiting for the rest of your career.

What people are saying about Orion:

“This project is pure gold, and it bears testament to the creative genius of Phedon. All of his work is unquestionably amazing, but Orion is nothing short of a masterpiece.”Neal Scryer

“The fundamental concepts in Orion are a work of genius, and they will leave your audience with no choice but to believe that you are reading minds. I’m blown away by Phedon’s methods; this is groundbreaking work for all mentalists.”Millard Longman

“Phedon’s approach to mentalism fascinates me, and this beautifully written 600-page tour de force of powerful mentalism is a major contribution to our art. Five stars!”Richard Webster

“This is the gold standard in mentalism, and it will transform the way you think about prop-less material. This is destined to become the book of the year.”Madison Adams Hagler

“Orion is an explosion of original thinking and I am confident that Phedon’s latest will be considered a classic mentalism text!”Bill Cushman

“Orion will cement Phedon’s reputation as an inspirational thinker in the modern world of mentalism.”Scott Creasey

“This is bound to become one of the foundational publications of contemporary mentalism.”Francis Girola

“Phedon manipulates minds in the same fashion he manipulates coins. With absolute elegance and superior ease.”Romanos

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