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Orthodoxy by Craig Logan

Orthodoxy by Craig Logan

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We are told in almost every book of magic and mentalism to “Make the effect your own” or “Come up with your own patter and presentation.” We are given this command but rarely the tools to put it into practice. That is exactly what you will get in “Orthodoxy.”

You have enough tricks. You have enough toys. So do I. What would be truly beneficial for mystery performers is to peer into the creative process and learn how to craft presentations that are unique and personal. That is what I set out to do with Orthodoxy. Not only are the five powerful effects, but you’ll also learn about how those effects were created, what sparked their inspiration, and how to apply those techniques to your own material.

Lost In Conversation – A creative exercise designed to craft more meaningful, unique, and engaging presentations.

Dandy Lion – This routine takes the participant (and the rest of the audience) on a visual journey, culminating in revealing a worry in the spectator’s mind.

Second Chances – A way of revealing a thought of vacation destination. This utilizes a versatile method that can be used to reveal any thought.

Psychic Barista – In this variation of “Second Chances” the performer guesses a participant’s thought of drink in a fun and light-hearted routine.

Nevermore – Based on the work of Edgar Allen Poe, this is an essay on creating routines based on the feeling you want to elicit.

Nick at Nite – An impactful opener for stage, this routine has the feeling of “smash and stab” but in a safe and responsible way.

The Act – A presentation for a book test that is not only entertaining but also features a technique for selecting a quality spectator.

Black Star – A quick, close up miracle in which the performer predicts which of eight business cards a participant will choose.

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