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Pandora by Mitchell K

Pandora by Mitchell K

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The secret of Pandora and her box has remained a secret throughout history… until now!

With this technique, Mitchell Kettlewell explains how you can create the appearance that you proplessly (and with no process) divine an additional piece of information in any routine: a name , place, a pin code, or any other merely thought of information.

Best used as an additional moment to another effect, to nail another piece of information very cleanly and make your mind reading more deceptive, Pandora can be used as the perfect Out for any occasion. The technique can be used on its own; even getting you out of a tough scenario where your other method has failed and you need a way out so that you are not perceived to fail overall.

Contained within are various techniques and discussions on Mentalism, including a way to covertly gather two pieces of information in one, where the secondary piece of information is completely dismissed in the mind of the spectator. A discussion is also had regarding ‘invisible compromise’ and how to make your mind reading look cleaner and more deceptive.

The technique has similarities to a piece from Peter Turner’s Legendary ‘Book of Demons’, however Pandora is different and released with Peter’s full blessing.

Foreword by Peter Turner.


Video Review courtesy of Mystery Arts Inc.


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