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Prometheus by Mitchell K

Prometheus by Mitchell K

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A Simple, GUARANTEED method for Spectator as a Mind Reader!

Have one spectator read the mind of the performer, or even another spectator. There are no limitations on the information able to be revealed here. PIN codes, Names, Places, Words… anything that you can ‘read’ from a spectator can be used.

This method is an invisible, GUARANTEED way to make it look just like one spectator has read the mind of another. If you liked Pandora, then you’ll love this!

The 35 paged instructional PDF explains all that you need to know, as well including a theory based essay and account on ‘Taking Chances’ in order to enhance your mentalism. Mitchell’s favourite method for finding out multiple pieces of information INVISIBLY is also included (look out for it in the PDF – entitled ‘Thought Backtracking’).

“Within this book are some brilliant thoughts and techniques which are just waiting to be used. For me, Thought Backtracking is worth the price of the book and more! I really do love this technique and applications are unlimited!”Aidan O’Sullivan

“Mitchell has taken the spectator as mindreader approach and solidified it into a workable, learnable method that can be replicated time and time again. The 35 pages of insight give a clear understanding of the workings of the method and effects possible. The script is seamless. This produces a real life miracle, the ability to give others, the power to read minds themselves.”Graham Marshall

“Prometheus is filled with amazing thinking. The core technique is extremely well layered and the result is one of the most direct and process-free participant as mind reader effects I’ve ever seen.”Adrien Lochon

“Mitchell has put in a great deal of effort, hammering out and refining, which you can see in the subtleties and tips. Adding Prometheus to your arsenal is a no brainer!” Warren Thackeray

“I knew that Mitchell was great with scripting mentalism from the second we first worked together on scripting and this is a masterpiece in scripting, framing, etc. This is what mentalism is all about!”Reza Mikhaeil

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