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Real Connections by Luke Turner

Real Connections by Luke Turner

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I’m super excited to finally share my project Real Connections with everyone.

It’s a total of 97 pages. I have included routines with cards, billets and completely Propless ones too.

I specifically created the routines so that they should all be different enough, for everyone to find something that they will like, whilst still having them all connected in the main theme of the project. My main goal is that that whatever style you prefer (some might like the more deep presentations and others might enjoy some lighter ones) or whatever method, (some might enjoy Propless methods and others mechanical ones) that you can all make them meaningful to your participant. (Take a script you like and pair it with method from a different effect that you like. Find the things that speak to you.)

All of these routines are easy to perform and meaningful. Im really proud with this one.

I can’t wait to go on this journey with you.

The peek – This is my favourite peek. It’s a completely justified, easy to do and gets a clear peek. Comes with a full script.

One in a million – Is a beautiful lottery divination with moments of the spectator also being able to divine incredible things.

Through the looking Glass – An essay about the one ahead principle. Including my ideas and script.

A Mighty Memory – A completely propless memory divination that doesn’t involve and fishing or any questions to read their mind. You are literally able to walk through their memory.

Know the name – A completely propless name divination that isn’t about the letters for once! It’s about them. A beautiful routine which always connections with the participant.

There is Only one way to go – A full hands off routine that allows you to demonstrate influence through impossible conditions.

The Art of failing – An essay about failing and how that it technically shouldn’t exist for a Mentalist.

A.C.A.A.N – This is an awesome ACAAN that works with a borrowed and shuffled deck. It feels very clean and hand off. Since it’s so clean and easy to perform you will be able to deliver the performance of a lifetime.

Anniversary Dance – Inspired by the classical Anniversary Waltz, this is a beautiful routine where you show the beautiful connection between two partners.

Ditto – A fun and clear do as I do routine where you question destiny.

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