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September by Adrien Lochon

September by Adrien Lochon

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“I really like this, as I’m a fan of numerology and naturally flowing routines. The price is ridiculously fair, so every purist should pick it up!”Nico Heinrich

“September is a fine idea from Adrien, which offers a new fun mechanical method to get anyone’s star sign.” Pablo Amíra

“A squeaky clean star sign divination (which I loved to read)”Jacob Smith

Ah… Star Sign Divinations. Everyone knows there’s a ton of them, but this one is a bit different…

Adrien wanted something that was quick, that would never fail and where you didn’t have to list all the signs and their categories, like you have to do in a lot of other zodiac reveals.

September is a fun little divination: in the act of generating a random number for a numerology reading, you get all the info you need to reveal the sign. And the reveal will come out of the blue since you never mention star signs up until the end.

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