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Tarot Magic by Matteo Filippini

Tarot Magic by Matteo Filippini

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Tarot Magic is an ebook about … you guessed it, magic with tarot cards. (Several effects use marked tarot cards.)
Matteo Filippini, Italian musician and mystery artist, provides his view about it. Between the pages you will find suggestions, hints and tips to include this magical tool in your performances. The second part of the ebook features several routines with a tarot pack from Matt and a bunch of friends. Whether you are a magician, a mentalist/mindreader, a bizarre magick performer, you will find something for you.

From the Foreword:

“Tarot Magic, a collection of routines and ideas using Major Arcana Tarot cards.

This ebook has not been produced with the intention to be the ultimate work on Magic and Mentalism with Tarot cards. It is not!

It has been conceived with the purpose to share with the reader some little ideas, thoughts and routines for the benefit of the mystery performer. I would be so happy to know that you (being a magician, a tarot or cold reader, a mind reader or some other strange mystery animal) will use at least one of the items contained herein.

Why to use only the 22 triumphs cards?

Despite I know that the purists of the Tarot reading won’t agree with me, I personally only use the major arcana in my work as I consider them to be the most symbolic, arcane and mysterious cards of the deck, even to the eyes of the lay people – they already know cards like the Moon, the Devil or the Death, after seeing them in some movie. Also I bring with me a tool which is largely practical, being only 22 cards and not a full 78 cards tarot deck! And you know how much valuable is the pocket space for every pro!

And I really think that with only major arcana you can, not only do some cool magic routines, but also use them proficiently to give some serious reading!

I also know that the same purists don’t like to put some trickery into their reading. Yeah, different points of view. I personally believe that if you implement some “light” magic effect into the context of a reading, it can enhance the whole process a lot. We will talk again about it later.

As for now, I wish you a pleasant journey within the following pages!

Matteo Filippini, Italy, Winter 2017″


  • An Introductory Note
  • The importance of knowing our tool
  • What to do and not to do (the importance of being simple)
  • Sleights, Forces & Co.
  • Cold reading
  • Storytelling With Tarot Cards
  • Which deck to use?
  • Routines
  • Matteo Filippini
    • Gemini Reading
    • Prophecy
    • Other Routines Ideas
  • Alberto Bassino
    • Tarot Training
    • Gypsy Dream
    • The Pendulum And The Tarot
  • Alex Rusconi
    • Past, Present, Future
    • Incredible Clairvoyance
    • The Magic of The Pendulum
  • Aroldo Lattarulo
    • Tarot And Numerology
  • Suggested bibliography
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