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Ten Star Mind Explosion by Emma Wooding

Ten Star Mind Explosion by Emma Wooding

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The Ten Star Mind Explosion is an effect I released in Remastered Volume One and with Volume Two – Psychological Forces coming out in March 2020 I thought it would be a great idea to show you what the Remastered Series is like.

In this, the spectator names ten letters. Each letter is written down, then one by one they are crossed out and eliminated in a fair and easy to follow manner (no Equivoque). Leaving the spectator with one final letter. They then name a name starting with that final letter before it is revealed to have been predicted from the very start.

The participant never writes anything down and yet you are able to predict a thought of name. This effect is perfect for a casual close up environment.

– No Nail Writing
– No Gimmicks
– No Anagrams
– No Double Writing
– Easy To Perform

“It is great to see Emma putting her mind to existing principles and making them more practical and even more impossible by adding deceptive layers along with wonderful routining” Joel Dickinson on The Ten Star Mind Explosion.

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