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The ClipStick Switch by Alexander May

The ClipStick Switch by Alexander May

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“This is a very effective routine for Zoom Shows. Easy to perform and looks really clean! Well done!”Luca Volpe

The ClipStick Switch is a clean, original and brand new method for convincingly switching prediction billets in virtual shows.

You write a prediction on a Post-It note – a word, number, name, drawing, location of a card in a shuffled deck… whatever suits the presentation. This prediction is folded and placed in a clip in full view of the audience – where it remains for the duration of your routine.


Your audience can name ANYTHING. When you open the prediction, your hands are always empty and in frame – there is nothing to secretly get rid of or palm or burn!

Even though it had its genesis in the time of Virtual Shows, there are no tech setups or mirrors or lens filters or specific operating systems to consider. It’s been performed in many professional virtual shows, and passed with flying colors.

Look at the Demo Video to see how clean and relaxed it is. This is not trick photography. Supply your own regular Post-It notes, clip and an imagination, and you will be predicting words and drawings and weird baby names by the end of the day!

You will also be able gain access to a private Facebook group which will contain new updates, routines and ideas from other mentalists.

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