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The Devil CAAN by Benjamin Sleight

The Devil CAAN by Benjamin Sleight

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A fresh approach to an all-time classic. The Devil CAAN takes some of the simplest tried and tested techniques in mind reading and flips them on their head to create a bold and powerful card at any number routine that will floor any audience or spectator. It’s clean, direct and easy to do. Oh… and did I mention the spectator can deal the cards themselves?

The Devil CAAN includes contributions from the likes of Ben Cardall and others as well as an essay on the art of ACAAN from Tomek Grudzinski, this twist on a classic from one of the most exciting young and upcoming performers on the circuit is well worth a read. You WILL perform this routine.

Also included is an already published creation from Peter Turner, which will help take this routine to another level, if you choose to go down that path.

Please note: The main routine requires a gimmick, which you can build yourself at home or alternatively, can purchase ready-made, alongside this e-book. If you opt to include the gimmick, using the drop down above, it will be shipped to your address.

“His approach to this effect is fresh, and in the right hands it’s a complete worker.”
Ori Ascher

“The method is devious and not one I would’ve considered for a long while – it makes you look like a master of influence.”Mitchell Kettlewell

“A really nice approach to the CAAN/ACAAN plot!”Aidan O’Sullivan

“The Devil CAAN is certainly something you need to get if you love the plot. It’s practical, direct and different. We’re all searching for the “Holy Grail” and this is a step forward.”
Mohamed Khaled

“Very fooling! Excellent take on the card at any number! I really like it!” Kassim Beydoun

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