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The Journey by Benjamin Sleight

The Journey by Benjamin Sleight

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"I travelled through the World and also through my mind."

This is the Journey. A project covering some of the routines and stories I discovered while traveling through the world.

The real card guess - My take on the propless card guess, using real psychology to reliably guess the card someone is merely thinking off. (It is as reliable as a card force or peek).

Premonition card in wallet - You pull out your wallet and tell the spectator you have one playing card in it. Now they have to guess the card you are thinking of. This works 100 percent of the time and is very simple and direct. This can be a standalone effect or connected to the Real card guess (you guess their card and then they guess yours).

Lucky Aces - Imagine you could turn your standard gambling demonstration into a heartwarming mentalism routine, in which you share the gift of luck with your participant. (Can be done with Tarot Cards as well).

The Now Booktest - This is my ideas on the booktest and an idea that I call the NOW principle, which can also be used to make any pre-show material look like it's still a free choice.

Remote billet peek - With this simple but hard-hitting routine, you will be able successfully to divine any possible thought you could think of. (Works in real life and over video).

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