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The Pin Project by Luke Turner

The Pin Project by Luke Turner

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I am very proud and excited to be able to share with you my latest project. I have spent the past year writing this and really trying my best to give you all the tools you need for every situation you might find yourself in.
The Pin Project has a total of six methods for revealing someones pin code.

Top notch mentalists such as Phedon Bilek, Ben Cardall, Art Vanderlay and many more have loved this project and I’m sure you will too!

You will be learning 6 propless methods.

Instead of some ad copy, here’s an in depth review from Nico Heinrich.

This book contains some of the most amazing techniques for divining the four digits of the participant’s real or even fictional PIN. Luke teaches six methods for one effect. SIX– this is a lot! If you don’t find something in here, I don’t know …

They never write anything down and with most of these concepts, you won’t need any props. Actually, only “A Precarious PIN” uses something to write on (except you have above average brain-capacity – then even this one is 100% propless!). Man, there is so much brilliant and practical material in here, I am positive that you will actually use at least one of these ideas. If you know me, you also know that I am very picky with methods – I don’t like gimmicks, complicated set-ups and I tend to avoid brain-twisters. When I perform, I want to be able to enjoy the experience just as much as my audience does, so I prefer easy and intuitive methods. This is why I LOVE “A Precarious PIN” so much. However, let’s have a look at all the different approaches:

The Preposterous Pin Prediction – They are asked if certain digits would be in their PIN – however, they are allowed to lie and even switch back and forth between lying and telling the truth. We know all four digits.
Simple, easy to perform, extremely clever and very deceptive. There is a small risk of failing (mathematically speaking 10% but with all the subtleties taught it will be far less) which is fine in some cases, as the effect is very strong when it hits. Furthermore, Luke shares a way to make it 100% sure-fire which some of you may like.

A Peculiar PIN – They are asked to add/subtract numbers from the digits of their pin and tell us only the result. We can reveal their exact PIN code. Workable for sure but not my cup of tea. This was Luke’s foundation for other methods in this release, so no wonder it’s not the most perfect one in here.

A Peculiar PIN V2 – A little better than the original but still not my first choice. I can see a lot of performers using this though.

A Precarious PIN – They are asked if certain digits would be in their PIN – however, they are allowed to lie and even switch back and forth between lying and telling the truth. We know all four digits. Luke provides a cool presentation for it as well.
This one is similar to “The Preposterous Pin Prediction”, however, there is no risk of failing involved. To me, this one is just perfect. Extremely easy to perform, yet, with a good presentation very, very deceptive. The method is elegant, the process is natural – you are really just asking questions and they are allowed to lie or tell the truth. You even allow them to switch rolls during the process and everything seems fair. I cannot express how much I adore this ingenious concept.

A (P)silent PIN – This is not a method in itself but a way to make other methods from the book even more deceptive.

A Phantom PIN – This is a way to perform the various divination methods under cover, so your audiences won’t even know you used them on your participant. Good use of some soft dual reality.

The whole thing is rounded off with an afterword by Mitchell Kettlewell.

A Precarious PIN alone is priceless!

Watch out for Luke, he is dangerous.

“F*** me, holy **** that’s brilliant!”Emma Wooding

“Luke is a brilliant thinker. The way he approaches his creative process is a wonder in itself – he cares about every possible aspect of the routines. The result is a clean, direct, fooling and easy to perform mentalism. His PIN Project is no different. Whether you like props, propless or anything PIN related, this is a must.”Ori Ascher

“Really enjoyed the book!… Love it!” Ben Cardall

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