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The Quarantine Lecture by Emma Wooding

The Quarantine Lecture by Emma Wooding

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This brand-new release includes performances involving laymen, detailed video explanations and a bonus PDF containing the cribs necessary to perform the effects taught! (Not all effects need cribs). The two-hour video includes, propless material, prop based, billets and playing cards.

Star Sign Divination (Exclusive) – The only star sign divination I use. You walk up to a participant and in less than two minutes you know their star sign. There are no guessing letters and no forces. This effect is completely propless.

The Year Deck (Exclusive, Live Performance Video Included) – The spectator is shown a prediction and names a year. The spectator then takes a pack of cards and is shown that each card has a different random celebrity written in sharpie. They go through each celebrity and stop on one they feel comfortable with. The prediction is revealed to say “BIRTHDAY”. Confusion occurs. The participant begins to Google their celebrity’s birthday to reveal it matches their named year.

The Icy Peek (Exclusive, Live Performance Video Included) – a brand new, easy to do and practical billet peek!

The Cheeky Glimpse (Exclusive, Video Included) – a brand new playing cards peek! Easy to do, no complex motions, and beginner-friendly.

Improved Impromptu Invisible Deck – my brand-new method of performing this incredible feat is included as well as a brand new variation called “An Invisible Thought”.

Timed Out (Exclusive) – You hand a participant a billet. They draw a time on a clock. Without peeking, you divine the thought of time. Easy to do and super fun to perform.

Typhon (Not Exclusive, Video Included) – An easy to do Center Tear! Originally taught in Remastered Volume One – Billets. This Center Tear is easy to remember and easy to perform.

Red/Left (Not Exclusive, Live Performance Video Included) – The performer presents a prediction and a card with “red” on one side and “blue” written on the other. The participant shuffles the card between their hands and decides on a side. The performer then shows without switches or gimmicks that they predicted which hand the card would be in AND what color the participant would choose.

Let’s Get Retro (Not Exclusive, Video Included) – The performer presents a pad of paper. Full of different old video games. The participant thinks of a game and a video game console. The performer divines both while also divining minute information from other participants along the way!

Some of this material such as Critter and The Year Deck can be performed online and in-person!

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