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Thoughts by Luke Turner

Thoughts by Luke Turner

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Other mentalists have described "Thoughts" as a game-changer for their performances. See for yourself how this collection has the power to transform your mentalism!

As a mentalist, Luke has always been fascinated by the power of the mind and the ways in which it can be used to amaze and create connections with others. That's why he created "Thoughts"; a 260 page collection of all of his previous mentalism projects, as well as some brand new ideas and effects. Whether you're a seasoned mentalist or just starting out, Luke is confident you will find valuable insights and techniques within these pages.

Here's what you'll find in "Thoughts":

Out of the Country / Out of the Country V2 - An amazing impromptu Mentalism performance that is completely propless. Included is the new version which feels like you are revealing information out of nowhere!

The Sound of Silence - An awesome project exploring a psychological force with some great routines that can be applied in a lot of ways; including an ACAAN, a propless version of Luke Jermay's connected routine and more!

The Pin Project - Luke's favourite propless pin divinations that feel and look realistic. Including a very entertaining and fun performance to create a beautiful routine.

Real Connections - A project about creating real connections with participants. Includes beautiful propless routines, with cards and billets.

Small Subtleties - Luke's latest, brand new project, covering small subtleties that can be applied anywhere to create a beautiful routine.

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