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Underlooked by Arthur

Underlooked by Arthur

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‘Underlooked’ is a unique and killer technique used to perform a multiple array of mentalism
routines. It’s a diverse tool which can be used to reveal Drawings, Names or anything your
spectator writes downs. Without out any gimmicks or expensive props you can go out and blow
the minds of your spectators.

Included with the package is a step by step ebook and video tutorial

Why is this so good?

Uses ordinary and ungaffed business cards or blank cards – No Gimmicks or DIY
Completely Impromptu
The spectators business Card is clearly placed in the centre of the stack and stays there the ENTIRE
100% Angle proof
Peek 100% of the card
Can be repeated Immediately
Spectator can sign or initial the back of their card
No shuffling or cutting required to control the card
Self Working
Peek takes place very quickly and in a very natural action
The spectator themselves can remove the card from the centre of the stack

What others have been saying:

“Arthur has created a wonderfully deceptive peek that is 100% impromptu and angle proof.
Something for many years I have been searching for and have finally found! Simple to perform and
you get a full peek of the business card. I will be incorporating this into my work as of today!”Art Vanderlay

“This is very good”Lior Manor

“One of the most (if not THE most) fair-looking peeks I’ve come across. Bravo!”Gabelson

“A very nice peek and quite unique”Jan Foster

“I think it is an excellent peek with good economy of action and cover.”Sudo Nimh

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