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War of the Currents by Steve Wachner

War of the Currents by Steve Wachner

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WAR OF THE CURRENTS is an absolute monster of a book. It includes the Out of Print releases Edison Notes (2017) and Tesla Files (2018) as well as Steve’s most recent release “What I Could do After the Lightning Strike”. Each book has had bonus material added to them to present the most up to date thoughts of each effect, principle, and ploy.

“I love the conceptualizations of his techniques and principles”Pablo Amira

“Steve Wachner is a clever thinker, practical performer, and a fine student of my teachings”Kenton Knepper

“What I like most about (his work) is that I actually want to use it myself”Watkins

“Packed with so much and I’m barely half way through it”Thaddius Barker

“Steve is a genius”Mitchell Kettlewell

“This is real world LIFE CHANGING stuff. (Lightning is) the best thing I‘ve read since Alchemical Tools by Paul Brooks”Reese Goodley

“Your work on minimizing the standard zodiac (routine) is GOLDEN and worth the price of the book.”Jerome Finley

“(Lightning) is a great read and I’m sure it will spark some good ideas”Luca Volpe

“Songs of the Century – what a brilliant idea for producing an engaging piece of mentalism”Steve Wood


Anything in the World – Your participant is asked to think of anything in the world, verifies that they have several options to choose and can change their mind. You never touch the paper they’ve written on, yet are able to reveal exactly what they’re thinking of (even when it appears that they tried to trick you!).

Bedroom Light – Reveal details of a randomly thought of room during a word reveal. No need to spy on your audience members!

Heartland Feeling – With thanks to a method from Fraser Parker and Adrien Lochon, you’re now able to reveal details of seemingly any scene someone builds up during a “guess my card” routine.

Binoculars – Appear to reveal someone’s PIN during a Card at Number routine. This feels incredibly fair and hands off. Perform this anytime and anywhere. The routine is logical, quick, and engaging.

Feather in Your Cap – Steve’s close-up show closer for several years. This was a limited release only available in one of the 20 physical copies of Edison Notes.

Academia – The best star sign P.A. on the market. The routine’s opening script helps create interest for the routine whether you read your horoscope daily or have no care about star signs at all. The PA is done in THREE LETTERS OR LESS.

Zatyricon – A fortune telling card (or your business card) not only predicts what your audience member will do next, but something personal about them AFTER they’ve left your performance. This is a great marketing tool that gives your client a reason to check your card later as well as having your “magic” linger long after the initial performance.

Pop Lockin’ Beats – A quick reverse PIN that’s structured to allow you to learn something about your participant to reveal later. Combining these ideas together allows you to turn a quick effect into a full mini-show.

Night Flight to Rio – Your participant reveals detailed of a sealed, opaque, and unmarked envelope. They’re able to reveal details of a postcard in the envelope. A very realistic opener that is designed so you can never outright fail.

The Man Who Fooled Edison – A combination of methods from the book come together to recreate the myth of Bert Reese and his three billet routine. Nothing forced and no extra billets. This routine is currently being featured in a U.S. lecture tour by two other performers. The methods involved help cancel each other out to get the cleanest and most realistic performance possible.

Scarecrow – A mini ritual to help an audience member get over a minor concern. Includes a variation called “Cancelled Check” – a fantastic way of justifying a billet tear for a vacation destination reveal.

Songs of the Century – A series of ploys, principles, outs, and full effects to seemingly guess a song stuck in someone’s head, predict the next song on the radio, influence your audience to choose a song at your show, and use subliminal cd’s on friends or at house parties to influence their decisions.

Sea Change – Change the belief of someone in your audience in a theatrical way thanks to these Milton Erickson techniques and some clever scripting by Steve.

In addition you’ll find essays about risking, silent scripting, inviting real magic to your performances, guessing cards propless, guessing childhood memories and so much more.

Contributions include:

Zodiac Business by Pablo Amira – predict someone’s star sign with your business cards

Stardust by Corey White – secretly and deceptively learn a birth month during a near perfect numerology routine

Adrien Lochon – a propless, anytime, anywhere, any language memory reveal routine)

Ode to Bert Reese and +/- by Craig Logan – Ode is Craig’s version of the Bert Reese three billet routine. +/- was a stand-out favorite of people that read What I Could do After the Lightning Strike.

As well as Kenton Knepper’s handling of the slip cut card force.

372 pages at 6*9 inch hardcover book. Only 50 copies are expected to be printed.

Please note: Orders of this particular book will be shipped directly from the printers.

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